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Haplogroup t is found at its highest rates amongst some populations in east africa and india. Many people within a haplogroup share a type of mutation called single nucleotide polymorphisms snps.

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A low resolution physical map of the y chromosome was previously assembled by testing naturally occurring deletions and yeast artificial chromosome yac clones for the presence or absence of 182.

Y chromosome europe map. Your mother gives you 22 autosomal non sex chromosomes and 1 x chromosome. Other minor male lineages such as r1b g j t and e would also have been present in europe having migrated from the asian steppe the middle east and north africa. Origins geographic spread and relation to ethnic groups.

These are called haplogroups. The human y chromosome accumulates roughly two mutations per generation. In the course of this i stumbled across a wonderful set of maps of y chromosome distribution in europe.

In these populations european y chromosome haplogroups are relatively common while the mtdna haplogroups are those of the indigenous population. The table below shows the human y chromosome dna haplogroups based on relevant studies for various ethnic and other notable groups from europe the samples are taken from individuals identified with the ethnic and linguistic designations shown in the first two columns. The second map shows europe around 2000 bc.

Human y chromosome dna can be divided in genealogical groups sharing a common ancestor. Because of sex specific gene flow and the small amount of the genome represented studies of historical migration based only on mtdna and y chromosome are biased 1. The maps on this page represents the distribution of human y chromosomal dna y dna haplogroups.

The majority of western european males belonged to y haplogroup i and northeast europeans to haplogroup r1a. To know what ancient ethnic group is associated with each haplogroup please check european haplogroups. In human genetics a human y chromosome dna haplogroup is a haplogroup defined by mutations in the non recombining portions of dna from the y chromosome called y dna.

And the other columns give the. The y chromosome is thus always passed from father to son so a man always shares his with his biological father and grandfather. Frequencies in european ethnic groups.

Note that figures are only indicative. Above is a map of the r1 haplogroup which probably originated in eastern europe or western asia around 18 000 years ago and is the most common clade in europe. Map of the distribution of y dna haplogroup t in europe haplogroup t is rare almost everywhere in europe and reveals older gene flow 40 thousand years ago.

Your father gives you 22 autosomal chromosomes and either 1 x chromosome if you re female or 1 y chromosome if you re male. A y dna haplogroup is a group of men sharing the same series of mutations on their y chromosome which they inherited from a long line of common paternal ancestors. Y dna haplogroups represent major branches of the.

The third column gives the sample size studied.

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