Xcom 2 World Map Freeze

War of the chosen keeps freezing regularly when i open the covert ops windows be it completion of an op or getting new ops going. Many have agressive settings there which prevent xcom from writing there.

Xcom 2 Made Me Nostalgic For Xcom Again

Game freezes and crash when viewing world map when i m on the ship and go to view the map to say gather intel or whatever my game crashes when it initially zooms in.

Xcom 2 world map freeze. Sep 7 2017 2 44pm. Game freezing on the world map when trying to scan. If preset in these programs or usermade idk ive not installed and using these crap last edited by suki.

It wont do anything it s not necessarily frozen the game seems active still but its stuck. Crashes random crashes or crashes during the startup game not starting and performance issues like stuttering freezes and problems with the fps. 11 xcom 2 no voice in cutscenes and mission briefing.

A fun open world that fails to stand out. Anyone have any idea how to fix this. After 191 hours of playing xcom 2 i m stuck on the world map right as the avatar project progresses.

Basically i can t do anything except look around the ship. Just after completing the mox covert ops and then rescuing him the game seems to freeze on the world map when i try to scan anything. After i load up the autosave thank god for this feature i can clear the covert stuff and continue playing but when i have to do something again it freezes again.

The game just freezes but the music keeps going and i have to restart pc. The most common xcom 2 issues that users mostly complained about are. The clock keeps ticking and nothing is happening.

Below you can find these issues described and also at the end of the post a tutorial on how to fix them. Rescuing the scientist i ve done the excavation almost get stuck here nothing. Basically i can t do anything except look around the ship.

Xcom 2 crashes freezes fps sound save files sli crossfire tweaks and fixes. I ve been playing the game all day and there were no freezes what so ever up to this point. Game was fine for 65 hours but now after a random mission every time i try to go.

Since i can move the mouse around and get a click response while clicking on the objectives section of the map but no response from any icons on the map or any labels like number of days left to research etc showing up on the map. When i m on the ship and go to view the map to say gather intel or whatever my game crashes when it initially zooms in.

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