World Map With Heat Zones

The zone is characterized by distinct seasonal changes where the four seasons are well defined throughout the year and wide temperature ranges. Consult our map of disaster hot zones of the world.

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The north temperate zone between the arctic circle at 66 33 n and the tropic.

World map with heat zones. This region receives the direct vertical rays of the sun for almost the whole year. Finally the map is influenced by the map projection used which in this case the problematic web mercator projection which shrinks the area of countries near the equator. Note the statistics are all calculated using the original data projection world mollweide.

The five main latitude regions of earth s surface comprise geographical zones divided by the major circles of latitude the differences between them relate to climate they are as follows. The two zones are named based on their location concerning the tropics. A simple summary of climatic zones is as follows.

Their map purported to show finer detail for example reflecting urban heat islands by showing the downtown areas of several cities e g baltimore maryland. And atlantic city new jersey as a full zone. At this temperature many plants begin to experience physiological damage and start to shut down their functioning.

Unlike the climate charts on this site which are all original these maps were adapted from others found on the web. This zone lies between 0 to 23 1 2 north and south to the equator. This map is based on the number of heat days experienced in a given area.

The north frigid zone between the north pole at 90 n and the arctic circle at 66 33 n covers 4 12 of earth s surface. Reviewers noted the map zones appeared to be closer to the original usda 1960 map in its overall zone delineations. In the late 1990s the american horticultural society ahs developed the heat zone map which parallels the usda hardiness zone map.

A heat day is defined as a day in which the temperature climbs to over 86 degrees f. It is a region between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn. At the geographic world map level the zonal classification is based on maximum and minimum temperatures and the temperature range as well as the total and seasonal distribution of precipitation.

Based on the heat received from the sun the earth is divided into three heat zones. Advertisement most of the disasters we ve highlighted here are caused by nature and only occasionally helped along by humans. Therefore this zone gets the maximum heat from the sun.

Heat zones range from 1 no heat days to 12 210 or more heat days. The wind speed map is brought to you in full psychedelic color by nasa surface meteorology and solar. The temperature and rainfall maps are somewhat modified output from climate mapping software available from the un fao sustainable development department.

The northern temperate zone is found between the 66 5 0 north and 23 5 0 north latitudes while the southern temperate zone lies between the 66 5 0 south and 23 5 0 south latitudes. On the basis of the insolation received by the surface of the earth the world is divided into three main heat zones.

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