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The russian empire was a historical empire that extended across eurasia and north america from 1721 following the end of the great northern war until the republic was proclaimed by the provisional government that took power after the february revolution of 1917. Map of the russian empire in 1914 you can also download a hi res copy as a pdf 3 9 mbs.

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Emigration to asiatic russia 1904 1914.

World map russian empire 1914. Oxford atlas of world history oxford university press 1999. The third largest empire in history at its greatest extent stretching over three continents europe asia and north america the. Use worldmap warp to upload and rectify scanned maps for use in worldmap.

Russia entered world war 1 on the side of britain and france. However the russian revolution of 1917 led the new bolshevik communist government to sign the treaty of brest ltovsk with germany taking russia out of the war and giving away huge tracts of land to the enemy. Next map russia in 1914.

This map shows the western boundaries and major cities of the russian empire at the time it entered the first world war in 1914. Maps rectified using this tool can be brought into worldmap by following the instructions under section 4 5 in worldmap help. What is happening in russia in 1960ce.

The bar graph shows the emigration rates to asiatic russia from 1904 to 1914. This map shows the russian empire s territorial expansion from 1795 1914 as well as coal lignite gold and copper mining sites.

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