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They are radially symmetrical. To solve the problem of world maps having such severe distortions at the edges people have come up with compromise projections.

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The earth exists in three dimensions but other than globes most representations of the earth such as maps are two dimensional.

World map projections. This means great circles through the central point are represented by straight lines on the map. Map projections preserve some of the properties of the sphere at the expense of others producing maps that appear to depict the world in different ways. All meridians are equally spaced and the scale is consistent along each parallel.

In standard presentation azimuthal projections map meridians as straight lines and parallels as complete concentric circles. This kind of map projection has straight coordinate lines with horizontal parallels crossing meridians at right angles. Cylindrical map projections cylindrical map projections are one way of portraying the earth.

A map of the our world. The earth is a spheroid it is round like a ball or sphere but flattened by slightly by the centrifugal force of rotation. This requires a systematic transformation of the latitudes and longitudes of locations from the surface of the globe into locations on a plane.

It may come as a surprise to hear that there is no truly correct way of representing the earth as a flat image. Map projections are important in creating maps with map projections distorting the surface in some way. In cartography a map projection is a way to flatten a globe s surface into a plane in order to make a map.

The most popular map projection in the world has been around for 448 years now. It was created by flemish cartographer gerardus mercator in 1569 a time when antarctica hadn t even been discovered. The robinson world map projection in 1963 the american geographer arthur g.

The earth has a circumference of around 24 900 miles but is around 27 miles wider than it is tall. Map projections are a systematic transformation of longitudes and latitudes of a location on the surface of the sphere. Basic types of map projection the best way to describe how a map projection works is by imagining a piece of paper the map being laid over the earth or a globe to obtain the latitude and.

While most projections have minimal distortion in one area but distort heavily as you move away from that area compromise projections distort a moderate amount everywhere. This transference has been subject to interpretation and choice since the earliest days of world mapping. These special projections represent trade offs.

In any presentation or aspect they preserve directions from the center point. Robinson introduced an alternative projection system that unlike what was normal until then wasn t based on the transposition of points by mathematical equations but by a system of tables. A world map projection is a visual representation of this challenge using a grid composed of lines of longitude and latitude.

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