What to Consider in Driveway Landscaping Ideas

Driveway landscaping ideas can be realized by considering some factors. They are models, materials, width, borders, and lighting.

When you want to landscape your front yard, one of the parts that you have to pay attention is the driveway. Driveway is the way to drive on, either to enter the yard or escape from the yard. It is appropriate for the large yard, especially front yard. Driveway is very important because it can create the first impression from other people. That is why you should prioritize this landscaping. There are many driveway landscaping ideas that you can try. However, you have to consider some factors.

Decide the Driveway Model

Before you start to landscape the driveway, you have to think of the driveway model ideas. The most common models of driveway are curved, circular, and straight. Curved driveway is a driveway with like a curve shape. Then, circular driveway is a driveway where you have to circle your front yard to get the garage. It is usually designed when there is a round park on the middle of your front yard. The last model is straight driveway. It is a driveway from the entrance straightly to the garage. All those should be customized to your front yard.

Driveway Materials

Besides the driveway models, the next factor that you have to consider in driveway landscaping ideas is the safety. In this case, you have to think of the most suitable material for the driveway. Gravels or stone are not a good idea because it can damage the tires. If the tires suddenly get broken, it affects the safety. Grass is also not a good idea because it is easy damaged if you drive on it every day. So, what is the most suitable material? Paving bricks can be the best choice considering the safety as well as the comfort.

Driveway Width

This is one of the most vital things. Besides driveway material ideas, the width should be measured well. Make sure that you have wide access enough for your car. You cannot measure it same with your car’s width. For example, you have to make a driveway at least 50 centimeters wider that your car’s width. So, your car will not strike anything around the driveway.

Driveway Landscaping Ideas

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Driveway Borders

It will be good driveway decorating ideas to border the driveway. Driveway borders have some functions. The first function is to separate the driveway from other area like front park. With it, you will also be more careful to drive. Another function is as the landscaping decoration. Driveway will look perfect with borders. You can border the driveway with paves, pots, stones, or any other border. Make sure that the borders have an aesthetic value so that it can beautify the driveway.

Driveway Lighting

It is not a problem if you pas the driveway in the morning or afternoon. However, you need lighting when you pass it in the evening and night. So, optimizing driveway lighting will be driveway landscaping ideas done. You can install some lamps alongside the driveway. They will not only function to light the drive but also the front yard.

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