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The 2450 km 3 588 mi 3 huckleberry ridge tuff erupted about 2 1 million years ago creating a large approximately 75 km 47 mi wide caldera and thick volcanic deposits a second cycle concluded with the eruption of the much smaller mesa falls tuff around 1 3 million years ago. Activity subsequently shifted to the present yellowstone plateau and culminated 640 000 years ago with.

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Caldera map shows usa covered in volcanic ash after eruption a yellowstone volcano eruption could be the most catastrophic natural disaster to strike the modern world.

Usa yellowstone volcano map. The yellowstone supervolcano last erupted about 640 000 years ago. A map showing how the ground around the yellowstone supervolcano has deformed over the last two years has been released by the u s. Eruption map shows nowhere is safe from volcanic blast yellowstone volcano will spare no one the horror of eruption when it blankets the united states in ash from coast to.

Yellowstone national park is home to a supervolcano a volcano capable of ejecting more than 1 000 cubic kilometers 240 cubic miles of material.

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