Southwest Asia And Africa Map

Test your knowledge on this geography quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Western asia west asia or southwestern asia is the westernmost part of asia it is a region at the crossroads between asia africa and europe.

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Map of north africa and southwest asia cia world factbook public domain historically this perhaps awkwardly named region of north africa and southwest asia was commonly called the middle east this begs the question though what is it in the middle of.

Southwest asia and africa map. South west africa afrikaans. There are three main geographical features in north africa are. Countries there is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper.

Map of africa with countries and capitals. From the quiz author. Previously the colony of german south west africa from 1884 1915 it was made a league of nations mandate of the british ruled union of south africa following germany s defeat in world war i.

Geography quiz southwest asia and north africa map random geography or africa quiz can you identify the southwest asia and north africa. In the west of map of north africa there are atlantic shores of morocco in the east there are the suez canal and the red sea north africa includes countries like algeria morocco tunisia libya and egypt. The arabian peninsula the world s largest peninsula situated in southwest asia with the red sea in south west the persian gulf and the gulf of oman in west and the arabian sea in south east.

Qatar and the united arab emirates have some. On a globe east and west are relative terms. Africa asia black sea mediterranean sea red sea c a s p i a n s e a indian ocean north atlantic ocean south atlantic ocean persian gulf 20 w 10 w 0 10 e 20 e 30 e 40 e 50 e 40 s 30 s 10 s 0 10 n 20 n 60 e 30 n 40 n 50 n equator tropic of cancer tr o p i c f c a p r i c o r n moroni victoria accra maputo abuja port louis.

The jordan river is a fourth and smaller river in the area as well. The maps below show the most popular ports of call for cruise travelers in southwest asia the persian gulf and the red sea. Zuidwest afrika was the name for modern day namibia when it was under south african administration from 1915 to 1990.

Interactive map of western asia the arabian peninsula and the countries of africa with a shoreline at the red sea. 2500×2282 899 kb go to map. Southwest asia north africa labeled 0 500 1 000 miles 0 500 1 000 kilometers morocco algeria libya unisia egypt mediterranean sea iran afghanistan oman yemen saudi arabia iraq turkey cyprus israel lebanon syria jordan kuwait bahrain caspian sea black sea red sea persian gulf uae qatar dotted lines indicate indefinite boundaries.

This is an online quiz called southwest asia and north africa. North africa is a collection of mediterranean countries and it is situated in the northern region of the african continent. What is it east of.

Physical map of africa.

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