Southern And East Asia Map Labeled

The population of south asia is about 1 7 billion or about one fourth of the world s population making it the most densely populated geographical region in the world. In terms of territory asia is the largest region in the world.

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Southeast asia is a vast subregion of asia roughly described as geographically situated east of the indian subcontinent south of china and northwest of australia the region is bounded by the bay of bengal in the west the indian ocean in the south the south china sea in the center and the philippine sea and the pacific ocean in the east.

Southern and east asia map labeled. China japan north and south korea mongolia and three other nations have formed this certain area. It is also the most populous with china and india leading the way. Labeled state map map labels label gallery get some ideas to make labels for bottles jars packages products boxes or classroom activities for free.

The country also has a short coastline on the baltic sea in the northwest. Lastly the southeast asian region defines the tropical and equatorial countries between south and east asia to the north and oceania to the south. The exclave of russia kaliningrad also borders the baltic sea as well as lithuania and poland.

Southeast asia covers about 4 5 million km 2 1 7 million mi 2 which is 10 5 of asia or 3 of earth s total land area. South america map without labels map labels label gallery get some ideas to make labels for bottles. Its total population is more than 655 million about 8 5 of the world s population.

Since many of the countries are so large it should not be too much trouble to find them on this map quiz game. Geographically this zone is bigger than europe. The countries of southeast asia include brunei cambodia indonesia laos malaysia myanmar or burma the philippines singapore thailand east timor or timor leste and vietnam.

Almost every type of natural creation is presented in the east asia map. The help of the southeast asia map you can see the territory of two different countries or the continent and other than this with the help of the government obtains the demographic data statistics such as the employment ratio or the age group in the particular region and other than that the maps are used for the varieties of the purposes around us. Rivers lakes mountains borders of asian countries.

Countries map quiz game. China japan russia thailand. The terms indian subcontinent and south asia are sometimes used interchangeably.

Regions in southeast asia. Russia the world s largest country by area stretches from northern asia to eastern europe. The arctic ocean borders russia to the north and the pacific to the east.

Related for east asia map labeled. The eastern side of the entire asia is known as the east asia. It is the third most populous geographical region in asia after south asia and east asia.

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