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The map shows most of modern india bangladesh and burma the whole of sri lanka thailand malaysia laos cambodia and vietnam and parts of indonesia and china. However most muslims actually live in south and southeast asia.

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11 countries make up southeast asia the region is bordered by east asia to the north bay of bengal and south asia to the west the pacific ocean to the east and the indian ocean to the south.

Southeast asia map india. Mainland southeast asia is divided into the countries of cambodia laos myanmar burma thailand vietnam and the small city state of singapore at the southern tip of the malay peninsula. Southeast asia or southeastern asia is the southeastern subregion of asia consisting of the regions that are geographically south of china east of the indian subcontinent and north west of australia. Slide 1 map of asia labeled with capital and major cities.

Southeast asia is bordered to the north by east asia to the west by south asia and the bay of bengal to the east by oceania and the pacific ocean and to the south by australia and the indian. Cambodia laos and vietnam which occupy the eastern portion of the mainland often are collectively called the indochinese peninsula. Color an editable map fill in the legend and download it for free to use in your project.

Southeast southeastern asia is a region of the asian continent that consists of countries located east of india south of china north of australia west of new guinea and south of china. Regions in southeast asia. Early map of india and southeast asia.

The asia map free templates include two slides. Create your own custom map of asia. Our map of asia is for the continent in eastern and northern.

Secondly there are 46 countries in our asia map free templates highlighting the most important countries that are china india japan and south korea on asia continent map. Southeast asia is a group of diverse tropical countries between the indian ocean and the pacific ocean featuring cultures influenced by both india and china and hosting large communities of overseas chinese. Malaysia is both mainland and insular with a western portion on the.

Southeast asia is a vast subregion of asia roughly described as geographically situated east of the indian subcontinent south of china and northwest of australia the region is bounded by the bay of bengal in the west the indian ocean in the south the south china sea in the center and the philippine sea and the pacific ocean in the east. First published in 1654 and issued separately then included in sanson s atlas les cartes générales de toutes parties du monde. Bangladesh india and pakistan have muslim populations of well over 100 million while the southeast asian country of indonesia has more adherents to islam than any other country with over 200 million muslims.

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