Royal Waterways Boss Location

A series of sewage pipes and support structures underneath the city of tears. Having the second upgrade on the nail will also help with the flukemarm boss fight as you can kill the flukefeys that it spawns with one hit.

Royal Waterways Gamer Walkthroughs

The royal waterways are a network of pipes built underneath the city of tears.

Royal waterways boss location. Flukemarm is a hidden boss in hollow knight. Bosses static locations are always found on a particular square of a zone as well as all immediately surrounding 8 directions squares that are in the same zone. The east part shares many traits with the west but also.

Water is constantly dripping from above and many places are flooded. In hollow knight part 7 royal waterways boss dung defender we continue our hollow knight gameplay walkthrough. The area is divided into two by a broken lift shaft.

There is one spot that is a little tricky as it looks like a dead end. Several rooms in the area are littered with piles of trash. Drop down the hatch and you ll be in the royal waterways.

To enter the royal waterways head to the bottom of the city of tears and use the simple key on the mechanism to open the hatch. Creates a damaging aura around you as well as in a short trail behind you location. Flukemarm is the mother of all flukes infesting the royal waterways 3 her body is used as a nest for young flukefeys 3 like her children she was infected and made hostile although her condition as breeder prevents her from leaving her cave 4 flukemarm can be found suspended in a hidden cave below the pipework of.

Defeating her grants a new charm. Now we ll have to find the main boss to unlock a sub area in the royal waterways which is the next location called isma s grove retrace your steps back to the tilted bench and save the game. This central square is described in the boss location pictures below so please keep in mind that surrounding squares will also be a static location if the square is in the same zone.

For information on other sections be. Defender s crest 1 notch. Dung defender or better known as ogrim who used to be one of the most loyal warrior of the five great knights of hallownest is first encountered as a boss at the royal waterways he mistakes the knight to be an enemy and initiates a battle.

Access requires desolate dive. In this video i will show you. This page of the ign hollow knight wiki guide includes a walkthrough for how to find and navigate the royal waterways the fifth major area in hollow knight.

Finding confider in the royal waterways is not too hard. Finding the dung defender. Reward for defeating dung defender in the top right of the royal waterways.

We make our way to a new area the royal w. To find the dung defender you ll have to head at the far east side of the room where the tilted bench is. Reward for defeating the flukemarm boss in the bottom left sub area of royal waterways.

After defeating him he will apologize and mentions the knight s worthy and is capable of saving hallownest.

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