Pokemon Platinum Distortion World Map

When the battle is over your rival will heal your pokemon and leave. Coronet on the spear pillar and the one present in turnback cave.

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Go down through the distortion world to find giratina.

Pokemon platinum distortion world map. Pokemon platinum is the third game of the fourth generation complimenting diamond and pearl. The distortion world is a bit of a wash. One opened at the top of mt.

Coronet as a portal to the distortion world is opened and sinnoh s climate becomes colder. The distortion world is said to be another universe or world parallel to the pokémon world two gateways to it have been known to exist. Pokémon platinum version is a title in the pokémon series of video games.

Spear pillar distortion world. The distortion world is an entirely new concept within the pokémon games. If you find giratina s shadow the lake pokemon cynthia or cyrus on the way you should ve chosen the right way.

As cyrus disappears you ll see cynthia rush up to spear pillar with you. The distortion world is another world accessed from the spear pillar after cyrus awakens giratina in platinum. After the battle cyrus will think it is hopeless since if giratina is defeated this world will disappear.

Dialga and palkia will both be summoned causing giratina to emerge from the distortion world. Following the legend of giratina living in another dimension the game has you enter the distortion world in order to further complete the game. Cyrus will then attempt to use the power he extracted from azelf mesprit and uxie.

The story focuses on giratina which appears in its origin forme while in the distortion world. This area disobeys the laws of physics and requires navigation across the three dimensions. The gravity doesn t work like it does in the outer world which makes it easy for you to get lost.

Cynthia will then heal your team. The trainers have been given new outfits to suit the colder climate. As a result getting through this mysterious space in.

The game was released september 13th 2008 in japan and march 22nd 2009 in the united states. More of the 3d capabilities of the ds are utilized in the distortion world than elsewhere in sinnoh it is a dark place with platforms floating at many different. The storyline involves a disturbance atop mt.

It is an enhanced remake of pokémon diamond and pearl in the same vein as pokémon yellow crystal and emerald. In it the legendary pokémon mesprit uxie azelf will help guide the way until at. However cynthia points out the problems are due to the distortion world being forcibly merged with the real one and by defeating giratina the connection can be severed.

After all there are no wild pokemon to fight whatsoever and there are no items to find either.

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