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Hydrologic features hwang ho yellow river brahmaputra river yangtze river indus river south china sea irrawaddy river east china sea yellow sea. It is divided into five major parts mountain region freshwater environments plateaus saltwater environments desserts and plain.

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Physical features of east asia map gobi desert. The isolation of the islands has permitted them to develop in greater security and peace than parts of the mainland. Gobi desert the gobi desert is the 2nd largest desert in asia covering 500 000 square miles. Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools.

The desert is widest in the west along the line joining the lake bosten and the lop nor 87 89 east. Northeastern china along which of china s borders do the himalayas extend. Northwestern altar mountains mongolia gobi.

Start studying east asia map physical features. Landforms himalayan mts plateau of tibet gobi desert north china plain taklimakan desert 2. Extending from northern china into mongolia the gobi desert receives an average of 7 inches of rainfall each year because the himalaya mountains block rain.

This set is often in folders with. An important feature of east asia is the continental shelf the submerged border of the continent that extends east from china. The gobi from mongolian gobi meaning waterless place stretches across huge portions of both mongolia and china.

The severe winds have removed almost all of the soil and deposited it in north central china leaving behind barren expenses wind sculpted cliffs and gravel plains of boulders rocks pebbles and dirt. Physical features of east asia use the map to select the word or phrase from the drop down menus that best answers each question. A number of islands stand above this continental shelf.

This desert is located in the middle east and we have additional details and map at this link. It is the sixth largest desert in the world and asia s 2nd largest much of the gobi is not sandy but has exposed bare. It occupies an arc of land in area as of 2007.

Huang he yellow river. North america physical features map quiz review. What are the main physical features of east asia.

Desert taklamakan north sea of desert china korea japan mount everest. Other sets by this creator. Physical map of asia.

The physical geography can be easily understood with the help of map. Physical features of asia. The physical geography of asia is a matter of talk among the world s geographers.

Ap calc memorization quiz. Where is the gobi desert. The gobi measures over 1 600 km 1 000 mi from southwest to northeast and 800 km 500 mi from north to south.

Physical environment of the gobi the terrain of the gobi desert is as harsh as the climate. Contrary to the perhaps romantic image long associated with what at least to the european mind was a remote and unexplored region much of the gobi is not sandy desert but bare rock. Gobi also called gobi desert great desert and semidesert region of central asia.

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