Mesopotamia Map Activity

I title gour map ancient mesopotamia 2. Mesopotamia map activity level.

Map Quiz No 1 Mesopotamia 6th Grade Social Studies Ancient Mesopotamia Map Quiz

It will have your students embarking on geographical exploration.

Mesopotamia map activity. Mesopotamian food dbq level. Today the crescent includes such countries as syria lebanon cyprus jordan palestine iraq kuwait as well as the sinai peninsula and northern mesopotamia. Use an atlas to label the map and create a key.

The fertile crescent sumer babylonia and assyria. Help your students get excited about learning history with this fun hands on history lessons for kids of all ages. Tigris river euphrates river nile river mediterranean sea red sea jordan river persian gulf arabian sea caspian sea black sea.

Early river valley civilizations bingo mesopotamia egypt china india ancient egypt doodle notes. Uruk ur babylon tigris river euphrates river zagros mountains taurus mountains persian gulf arabian desert syrian desert. Mesopotamia doodle notes set 1.

Olor your map according to the elevation in your key. How did the tigris and euphrates rivers enable mesopotamia to flourish. Label the following bodies of water and color them blue mediterranean red persian gulf 3 label the following rivers and trace them in blue river lines are alreadg on the map for gou euphrates river boo frag teez tigris river t e gms 4 locate and label the following major kingdoms in mesopotamia.

Ancient world map bundle. This mesopotamia map activity is a must for new topics of study. Your kids will have fun with this ancient mesopotamian civilization for kids that uses the epic of gilgamesh fun hands on activities and more in this 3 part unit this is a fun homeschool history lesson for kindergarten first grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade.

Ancient mesopotamia is located within the fertile crescent but the crescent covers more geography than ancient mesopotamia. Each student will make their own personalized map of the fertile crescent of mesopotamia and enhance their knowledge of the region. Mesopotamia geography activity mapping mesopotamia 1.

More historical map activities. This is a fantastic map activity for learning the geographical features of ancient mesopotamia i e. Ancient world bundle set 1.

World history mega bundle you may also like. This visual representation of the land between the rivers is perfect for students to gain a spatial understanding of the region founding father. Name period physical geography of mesopotamia directions.

Activities for nile and mesopotamia regional map label the following bodies of water drawn in on the map and shade with blue colored pencil. They will label and color their bla. Use your reading or on line resources to label your map with the place names from the list below the map.

Fertile crescent and sumer. More resources for teaching.

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