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In december of 1991 the soviet union the union of soviet socialist republics or u s s r was officially dissolved. Specific geographical location country government and people.

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Russia is a country with a very long history.

Map of ussr vs russia. Ussr or the soviet union era was lasted from 1917 to 1991 whereas russia continued from that point till now. National imagery and mapping agency not for navigational use this series includes most of russia the former soviet union russia youth ages 0 to 15 as percent of total population 2000 u s. Main difference russia vs soviet union.

Russia s present economic structure was basically formed in the 1950s. Soyúznye respúbliki were ethnically based administrative units of the union of soviet socialist republics ussr. Both the soviet union and russia are informal names attributed to longer and more formal labels.

After the revolution it became a state of the soviet union in 1922. The soviet union officially the union of soviet socialist republics ussr was a federal socialist state in northern eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991. Agency for international development 2002 1 1mb pdf format.

It was then that the soviet union began to lay the foundation for a raw material based economy while in the 1960s one of its objectives was to secure the status of an energy superpower. Russia vs soviet union russia and soviet union are two sovereign states that stretch across two continents. It is important to look at the history of russia to understand the difference between russia and the soviet union.

Russia tactical pilotage charts aeronautical charts 1 500 000 u s. Nominally a union of multiple national soviet republics it was a one party state until 1990 governed by the communist party with moscow as its capital in its largest republic the russian sfsr other major urban centers were leningrad. The soviet union was created by the treaty between the soviet socialist republics of belarus russia transcaucasia and ukraine by which they.

Soviet union was a term used as an alternative for the union of soviet socialist republics while russia can pertain to different things. The republics of the union of soviet socialist republics or the union republics russian. It was a powerful empire that was toppled down by a revolution.

Russia is the successor of soviet union and comprising present day russia and siberia for the most part while the soviet union was the federation of almost fifteen countries. The russian federation the new name of the country of what was left of the soviet union after the breakaway of some of its republics is still the largest country in the world covering more than 11 of earth s inhabited area. Compared the soviet union was more than twice the size of the usa covering more than one sixth of earth s landmass.

However the soviet union officially union of soviet socialist republics is now a defunct government that split into the russian federation and several other small countries. The structure of the russian economy. From it emerged russia the russian federation and a number of independent countries in central asia and eastern europe shown in greens in the map.

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