Map Of Ussr At Its Height

During its existence the ussr was the largest country by area in the world. The soviet union full name.

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It included more than 8 6 million square miles 22 4 million square kilometers and stretched 6 800 miles 10 900 kilometers from the baltic sea in the west to the pacific ocean in the east.

Map of ussr at its height. During its existence the ussr was the largest country in the world. The soviet union officially the union of soviet socialist republics ussr was a federal socialist state in northern eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991. Union of soviet socialist republics or ussr was a socialist state that was created by vladimir lenin in 1922.

From it emerged russia the russian federation and a number of independent countries in central asia and eastern europe shown in greens in the map. The soviet union or union of soviet socialist republics was born and expanded as a union of soviet republics formed within the territory of the russian empire abolished by the russian revolution of 1917 followed by the russian civil war of 1918 1920. It was two and a half times the size of the united states and only slightly smaller in land area than the entire continent of north america.

The soviet union was the largest country in the world covering approximately one seventh of earth s land surface. The geographic boundaries of the soviet union varied with time but after the. A map showing the former ussr.

The ussr collapsed in 1991 and left in its place 15 independent states that we know today. The geography of the soviet union includes the geographic features of countries of the former union of soviet socialist republics. Nominally a union of multiple national soviet republics it was a one party state until 1990 governed by the communist party with moscow as its capital in its largest republic the russian sfsr other major urban centers were leningrad.

In december of 1991 the soviet union the union of soviet socialist republics or u s s r was officially dissolved.

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