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The size and number of marine dead zones areas where the deep water is so low in dissolved oxygen that sea creatures can t survive have grown explosively in the past half century. There are many physical chemical and biological factors that combine to create dead zones but nutrient pollution is the primary cause of those zones created by humans.

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Map of ocean dead zones. However in the 1970s oceanographers began noting increased instances and expanses of dead zones. A dead zone shown in red forms each summer in the. Dead zones are hypoxic low oxygen areas in the world s oceans and large lakes which causes these bodies of water to fail to support the marine life living there.

Historically many of these sites were naturally occurring. Nutrients from wastewater stimulate algae growth. Dead zones are also found in lake and rivers.

In a new study scientists warn that our estimates of global ocean dead zones may be woefully low because of misleading biofeedback in the form of dark carbon. Natural processes such as the churning of ocean waters can form dead zones on their own. Anaerobic organisms living in.

Ocean dead zones furthermore the level of oxygen in all ocean waters is falling with 2 77bn tonnes being lost since 1950. Dead zones are places in the ocean or other bodies of water characterized by having a low oxygen concentration. Hypoxic zones can occur naturally but scientists are concerned about the areas created or enhanced by human activity.

These occur near inhabited coastlines where aquatic life is most. Red circles on this map show the location and size of many of our planet s dead zones. In 2008 dead zones affected more than 245 000 square kilometers of the planet s ocean an area approximately the size of the united kingdom.

Dead zones appear annually may through september in the gulf of mexico after tons of nutrients from fertilizer use and sewage in the mississippi watershed wash downstream into the gulf. A dead zone or hypoxic zone is an area in the ocean that cannot support animal life because of low concentration of oxygen. Nutrient pollution is the primary cause of dead zones.

Dead zones occur naturally but the number and severity of hypoxic zones are largely tied to human activities. The massive dead zone born in 2002 near the coast of oregon which rivals the gulf of mexico dead zone. Hypoxic zones are caused by the excessive bloom of algae which deplete oxygen concentration in water.

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