Map Of Ocean Boundaries

In the great lakes each u s. Under the submerged lands act a coastal state s seaward boundary.

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The following map shows the definitions of ocean boundaries used to divide the data on the cd.

Map of ocean boundaries. Features can either be a land boundary between the u s. The goal explained the study s first author gary froyland a mathematician at new south wales was to draw the ocean boundaries in a way that minimized the amount of surface water leaking from one ocean to its neighbors as a scientific way of compartmentalizing oceans rather than drawing boundaries based on geopolitics. Indian 70 560 000 sq km larger map.

The coastline is estimated to be 45 390 km 28 200 mi long. 13 february 2011 11 56 utc. And an adjacent or opposite country.

Mariana trench pacific 35 827 ft puerto rico trench atlantic 30 246 ft java trench indian 24 460 ft arctic basin arctic 18 456 ft. Southern 21 960 000 sq km larger map. Ocean ocean convergent plate boundaries learn that subduction of the older denser oceanic crust leads to the formation of a volcanic island arc and accompanying earthquakes.

And canada a maritime limit or a maritime boundary between the u s. It occupies a roughly circular basin and covers an area of about 14 056 000 km2 5 427 000 sq mi almost the size of russia. The arctic ocean covers much of the arctic and washes upon northern america and eurasia it is sometimes considered a sea or estuary of the atlantic ocean.

The seaward boundaries of florida gulf of mexico coast only texas and puerto rico extend nine nautical miles from the coast line. Between greenland and west spitzbergen the northern limit of greenland sea. Limits of oceans and seas special publication 23 3rd edition 1953 published by the international hydrographic organization.

The international hydrographic organization iho defines the limits of the arctic ocean excluding the seas it contains as follows. Arctic 15 558 000 sq km larger map. Enable javascript to see google maps.

A unique identifier of the boundary segment region name. Pacific 168 723 000 sq km larger map. Below the figure are tables giving the coordinates of the boundaries.

The arctic ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the world s five major oceans. Region in which the boundary is located type of feature. Arctic ocean map details.

Atlantic 85 133 000 sq km larger map. The 5 oceans by size. State s seaward boundary may extend to the international maritime boundary with canada.

When you have eliminated the javascript whatever remains must be an empty page. Find local businesses view maps and get driving directions in google maps. Greatest depths in the ocean.

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