Map Of Ocean Boundaries

Limits of oceans and seas special publication 23 3rd edition 1953 published by the international hydrographic organization. Between greenland and west spitzbergen the northern limit of greenland sea.

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The boundary between the north america plate and the eurasian plate is an example of a divergent boundary at a mid ocean ridge.

Map of ocean boundaries. And an adjacent or opposite country. The maps also bring erupting mid ocean ridges into sharper focus and help scientists understand volcanic eruptions the vast majority of which occur hidden far from view on the ocean floor. Arctic 15 558 000 sq km larger map.

Mariana trench pacific 35 827 ft. Java trench indian 24 460 ft. A unique identifier of the boundary segment region name.

Arctic basin arctic 18 456 ft. Puerto rico trench atlantic 30 246 ft. Region in which the boundary is located type of feature.

Encourage students to consider how those rules would change if ocean or sea borders moved due to climate change and sea level rise. Geological survey map of tectonic plates show 21 of the major plates as well as their movements and boundaries. 13 february 2011 11 56 utc.

The maritime zones recognized under international law include internal waters the territorial sea the contiguous zone the exclusive economic zone eez the continental shelf the high seas and the area the breadth of the territorial sea contiguous zone and eez and in some cases the continental shelf is measured from the baseline determined in accordance with customary international law. And canada a maritime limit or a maritime boundary between the u s. Greatest depths in the ocean.

The arctic ocean covers much of the arctic and washes upon northern america and eurasia it is sometimes considered a sea or estuary of the atlantic ocean. Indian 70 560 000 sq km larger map. All of the plate boundaries that occur down the center of the atlantic ocean are divergent boundaries that follow the crest of the mid atlantic ridge.

Then have them map the borders between countries that will divide the resources of the north sea among the individual countries. Features can either be a land boundary between the u s. The international hydrographic organization iho defines the limits of the arctic ocean excluding the seas it contains as follows.

Southern 21 960 000 sq km larger map. Convergent colliding boundaries are shown as a black line with teeth divergent spreading boundaries as solid red lines and transform sliding alongside boundaries as solid black lines. Pacific 168 723 000 sq km larger map.

Atlantic 85 133 000 sq km larger map.

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