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India map physical a large image of india s physical map shows in color the differences between the relief of the areas of the country. India map physical map of india zoom map description.

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Map of india physical features. Physical map of india showing major rivers hills plateaus plains beaches deltas and deserts. It has deserts coastal areas mountains and plateaus. The indian subcontinent is surrounded by three different water bodies and is easily recognisable on the world map.

The physical map of india showing major geographical features like elevations mountain ranges deserts ocean lakes plateaus peninsulas rivers plains landforms and other topographic features. The islands coastal plains the peninsular plateau the great indian desert. Geographical features the country covers an area of about 3 28 million sq.

From east to west area of india is 2 thousand nine hundred thirty three kilometer. Class 9 geography map work chapter 2 physical features of india. Here let s take a look at physical map of india and the other primary physical geography of india.

This is a physical map of india showing all the physio graphic regions of the nation. The entire area of india is 32 lakh 87 thousand two hundred and sixty three square kilometer. Find all about the physical features of india.

The indian subcontinent can be separated into the accompanying parts. India is a geographically rich and diverse country. Our country has all the features that one expects from a country.

In terms of physiography the nation can be split into the following areas. Maps of india india roads map india cities map india border and blank maps climatic map geographical geological historical india map languages physical. Position of india is between 8 degree 4 and 37 degree 6 latitude in the north equator and in east longitude its position is 68 degree 7 and 97 degree and 25.

Situated on the intermediate peninsula of the three peninsulas of south asia this country is the seventh largest country in the world with an area of 32 26 283 sq km.

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