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Despite the ruling from the permanent court of arbitration in the hague rendering the chinese claims null and void china continues to advertise the claimed areas as their rightful land. Its northern extension between mainland china and the korean peninsula is the yellow sea separated by an imaginary line between the eastern tip of qidong jiangsu at the yangtze river estuary and the.

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And hence west to china.

Map of china east china sea. A united nations survey mission reported in 1968 that there were enormous untapped oil and gas reserves in the east china sea seabed. South china sea is the dominant term used in english for the sea and the name in most european languages is equivalent. The east china sea is an arm of the western pacific ocean located directly offshore from east china hence the name covering an area of roughly 1 249 000 square kilometers 482 000 sq mi.

Currently china claims vast territories of south east asia spanning virtually the entire south china sea. Trade is the backbone of china s still expanding economy and thus ensuring that the sea lanes in the east china sea are secure and free of harassment is vital to its economic growth. Its long and rich history is present both in people s thinking and values and in the art architecture and feats of engineering that remain from dynasties past.

The east china sea and the south china sea together form the china sea. Beijing symbolises these claims with a nine dash line. North to kyushu which is the southernmost of japan s main islands.

South china sea is an arm of the western pacific ocean in southeast asia south of china east and south of vietnam west of the philippines and north of the island of borneo. To its east china is faced with two nation state archipelagos the. This northern boundary roughly a line from cheju island to.

Over a thousand years ago this area was the main terminus of the maritime silk road and traded extensively with japan and southeast asia. The east china sea extends to the east to the chain of the ryukyu islands. China is one of the world s oldest civilizations.

The china sea part of the western pacific ocean is mainly consisted of the south china sea and the east china sea click here to view the detailed map of china sea in a new window 711kb south china sea nan hai the south china sea with an area of about 3 500 000 km is a part of the pacific ocean which encompasses from singapore and the strait of malacca in the southwest to. East china east china is a key area of china historically politically and economically. However the geography of maritime east asia complicates china s foreign relations.

The east china sea ecs is surrounded on the west by china and to the east by japan s southern island of kyushu the ryukyu island chain and taiwan. Northwest to cheju island off south korea.

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