Map Of Asia Minor During Paul S Time

Paul s travels after his conversion. Map paul s third missionary journey returning to asia minor and greece c ad53 58.

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Tarsus capital of cilicia in asia minor and paul s home.

Map of asia minor during paul s time. Who were noah s descendants. Map of asia minor in the roman empire map of asia minor and the adjacent mediterranean lands in roman times. The group then seeks to go in a north easterly direction toward the province of bithynia but again have their plans thwarted acts 16 7.

Sources disagree on an exact list of locations that paul visited during his lifetime but what s sure is that during the three journeys described in acts 13 14 acts 15 17 and acts 18 20 he. Apostle paul s missionary journeys maps. Ancient asia minor is a geographic region located in the south western part of asia comprising most of what is present day turkey the earliest reference to the region comes from tablets of the akkadian dynasty 2334 2083 bce where it is known as the land of the hatti and was inhabited by the hittites.

Asia bythinia and pontus galatia pamphylia lycia cilicia and commagene. Family tree from abraham to jesus. Perplexed at what to do next the group makes their way to the port city of troas.

Asia minor was the area between the black sea aegean sea and the mediterranean sea. Apollos arrives in ephesus. Also in text in red square brackets paul starts his third journey.

Old testament minor prophets. Amphipolis was an important town on the via egnatia in paul s day although the modern highway bypasses the town see map 24 founded in 437bc by athenian settlers the city was. All cities visited by apostle paul.

The roman empire in the time of hadrian ruled 117 138 ad showing in western anatolia the senatorial province of asia southwestern turkey. The roman conquest of asia minor. Acts 17 1 after meeting with the believers at lydia s house paul and silas leave luke behind in philippi and travel along the via egnatia through amphipolis and apollonia see map 24.

A greek speaking roman province in south eastern asia minor an important city and major centre of learning. Stopped from preaching in the western part of asia minor paul and company travel northwest to the province of mysia.

Paul s third journey as recorded in the acts of the apostles. Asia was a term which in the books of the maccabees actually means asia minor which antioch iii the great had to give up to the roman province of asia proconsularis formed after 133 b c which embraced the regions of mysia lydia caria and phrygia see rom 16 5. The roman province of asia or asiana greek.

The provinces seen in the above map include. He is taught by priscilla aquila and crosses to achaia. The hittites themselves referred to the land as assuwa or earlier aswiya which.

Tarsus was on the highway linking syrian antioch and the rest of the middle east with the provinces of galatia and asia to the west. In new testament times asia referred to a roman province located at the western part of what came to be known as asia minor.

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