Landscaping Ideas around Patio for Amazing Patio

Landscaping ideas around patio can be various. For example, you can place a coffee table with chairs, install a patio shelter, build a fire place, etc.

If you want to design your yard, it will be a good design idea to have a patio. Patio is an area on your yard that can be used for gathering with family, enjoying the afternoon, having dinner at home, even welcoming the guests. Patio should be designed as beautiful as possible. However, it is not enough because you have also to landscape the area around it so that it can create a good nuance. Here, I will share landscaping ideas around patio that can inspire you all.

Coffee Table with Chairs

Patio may have various shapes. The most common shapes are square and round. If you have a round patio, you can place a round coffee table on the middle of it. On the other hand, if you have a square patio, it will be better for you to place a square coffee table. It is purposed to match the shape. Anyway, coffee table landscaping ideas around patio will be a good idea for you. Around the table, you can add some chairs based on the coffee table capacity. You can adjust it to your family members.

Patio Shelter

Besides that, there are still many other landscaping ideas around patio. One of them is shelter. It functions to make the nuance more shaded. There are many ways to realize it. The first is by planting leafy plants. It will also be more natural and beautiful view. Consequently, you have to sweep the fallen leaves regularly to keep your patio clean.

Another way to add the patio shelter is by installing a patio umbrella. It should also adjust the patio design. If you have a round patio, it is better to have a round patio umbrella. On the other hand, if you have a square patio, it will be better to install a square patio umbrella. The width should customize the table size and the amount of the chairs. The larger the table and the more the chairs, you need the larger patio umbrella. Anyway, landscaping shelter ideas around patio is much recommended to be applied.

Landscaping Ideas around Patio

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Fire Place

Fire place is very important. So, you should have it at least one on your yard. Build a fire place near the patio will also be a good idea. You can design it with artistic value. Stones are the best material for the fire place. It is because stones will not be damaged by the fire. Fire place can be one of the decorating ideas around patio with two functions. It can be the decoration as well as its function as a place to fire the rubbish. So, your patio will always look clean.

Besides those landscaping ideas around patio, there are still many other ideas that you can apply. For example, you can build a pound, a fountain, park, and there are still many other landscaping ideas. That will be amazing. So, if you are inspired with those ideas above, you can apply them for your patio.

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