Landscaping Ideas around Inground Pool for Modern Pool

Landscaping ideas around inground pool are various. For example, make a fountain, privacy fence, and dining area. Then, plant affordable plants and install lighting.

If you have a large back yard, it will be a good idea to build a swimming pool. Swimming pool can be built in two types, they are above ground and in-ground. Commonly, people prefer in-ground pool to above ground pool. It is because in-ground pool creates more beautiful view than another one. However, you cannot let the in-ground swimming pool empty without any landscape. So, you need landscaping ideas around inground pool to make it perfect. Here, I will share some ideas that you may apply.


If you think about the best landscaping idea for swimming pool, it will be the fountain. Fountain will not be built on the pool, but near it. Landscaping ideas around in-ground pool with fountain can be place a few meters beside the in-ground pool. With a fountain, it can change the hot weather becomes cooler impression. The sound of water creates a natural nuance that makes you feel calm.

Privacy Fence

Swimming pool is surely a private area in your house. Therefore, not all people are allowed to look at that area moreover to enter it. So, you have to make a privacy fence to keep it private. Privacy fence should be built circling around. It does not only function as the privacy but also can be used as to decorate the pool area. You can make an artistic fence, plant some small plants on it, etc. Anyway, landscaping ideas around in-ground pool with privacy fence will be much recommended.

Dining Area

If you want to make your in-ground pool look more modern, you have also to landscape it with modern landscape. For example is creating a dining area. Dining area can be one of the most modern of landscaping ideas around inground pool. With it, you may have a dinner with your family at home but with outside nuance. Of course it will be more efficient in cost, time, and place. If you go to a restaurant, you will spend much higher price, longer time, the limited space. On the other hand, with dining area near your own in-ground pool, you can enjoy anything you want without any rule.

Landscaping Ideas around Inground Pool for Modern Pool

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If you want to make your in-ground pool looks green, you can consider landscaping ideas around in-ground pool with plants. You do not need to plant some plants circling the in-ground pool, but the most important thing is to choose and avoid the plants. There are many plants that you have to avoid, for example, crape myrtles, deciduous trees, roses, holies, mints, bee balms, and fruits. Then, you have to prioritize the following plants: ornamental grasses, long blooming flowers, shrubs, groundcover, and shrubs.


Everything needs lighting, including in-ground pool. It is to light the in-ground pool when it is evening and night so that it will look bright. So, you may have a dinner in the dining area near the in-ground pool. Those are landscaping ideas around inground pool. If you are inspired, you may apply at home.

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