Is The World Map A Cat

A cat map pinpointing the exact locations of all of the world s housecats is now live courtesy of the zoological society of london. The fact that cats are our feline overlords is made even more evident in a map that has gone viral.

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For over 500 years a particular world map has been used for ages to teach us about plant earth but it turns out the world map that we have been using all this while is apparently wrong.

Is the world map a cat. Cats are the most popular pets in the world with one in every three homes in the united states owning a cat. The world is shaped like a cat playing with a ball. The united states has the highest cat population in the world followed by china and russia they are very common pets in all the world s continents except in antarctica.

Well actually it doesn t include all of the world s cats. Human beings have kept cats since ancient times for companionship pest control or religious rituals. Ok we mean the continents but still look at the evidence.

Russia and china are the head south east asia is one leg africa is another leg south america is a third leg and alaska and canada are the tail. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They rule at home.

First tweeted by wayne chu on may 17 it shows the world with a giant cat drawn over it with several continents making up the cat s body and australia as a little toy the cat is playing with. Who runs the world.

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