India Map During Delhi Sultanate

Discover and save your own pins on pinterest. The delhi sultanate was an islamic empire based in delhi that stretched over large parts of the indian subcontinent for 320 years 1206 1526.

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Based in delhi the territory of the delhi sultanate was mainly confined to the northern part of india though at its peak it was in control of much of the indian subcontinent.

India map during delhi sultanate. Its fifth and final dynasty the lodi produced two remarkable rulers bahlul 1451 89 and sikander 1489 1517. The central administration of india during the delhi sultanate for efficiently governing the state a team of ministers helps the sultan. Following the entrance of islam in the early 8th century sufi mystic traditions became more visible during the 10th and 11th centuries of the delhi sultanate and after it to the rest of india.

These ministers were the individual responsible for various departments such as revenue public works war the local and provincial government etc. When lltutmish succeeded qutbud din as sultan a separate kingdom was established in the northern india namely delhi sultanate. Under them the sultanate again extended its control over much of northern india.

In every competitive exam there are 3 4 questions are asked from delhi sultanate. Delhi sultanate quiz will help you in a better understanding of the topic. The presence of sufism has been a leading entity increasing the reaches of islam throughout south asia.

Surprisingly the sultanate was not finished. Delhi sultanate questions quiz answers. During the sultanate period there was the problem of the local indian rulers who had been conquered.

After a period of imperialism the sultanate s power began to decline after the timurid invasions and was later subsumed into the mughal empire. According to historians one of timur s greatest achievements was the capture and invasion of the delhi sultanate. The mamluk slave dynasty 1206 1290 the khalji dynasty 1290 1320 the tughlaq dynasty 1320 1414 the sayyid dynasty 1414 1451 and the lodi dynasty 1451 1526.

Five dynasties ruled over the delhi sultanate sequentially. Delhi sultanate principal muslim power in north india from the 13th to the 16th century enabled by the campaigns of the ghurid dynasty and made independent by iltutmish. The delhi sultanate was a muslim sultanate that was existed between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Sep 30 2018 this pin was discovered by vicky sadafal. In this article we are covering delhi sultanate questions and answers in hindi english from the slave dynasty to the lodhi dynasty. Over a period of time the sultans of delhi extended their control up to bengal in the east and sind in the west.

The delhi sultanate may have declined but it had left a legacy of muslim control throughout most of india. India map in 1956. Sufism has a history in india evolving for over 1 000 years.

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