In World Map Where Is Russia Located

Individual country comparisons are of little value in gauging russia s enormous size and diversity. Russia or formally russian federation is located in the northern part of eurasia.

Russia S Emergence As A Key Player In Both Europe And Asia Was A Crucial Development In The Early Modern Asia Map World Political Map World Map With Countries

The country s 17 09 million square kilometers include one eighth of the earth s inhabited land area.

In world map where is russia located. Russia the world s largest country by area stretches from northern asia to eastern europe. The country also has a short coastline on the baltic sea in the northwest. Though this is the case a majority of russians reside on the european side.

You can check this answer by looking at a map all of russia is located in the northern and eastern hemispheres. The country shares its international boundaries with sixteen sovereign republics of the world. The country s land size covers up to a tenth of the world s total landmass.

Know where is russia located on the world map. As a very northern country of the world russia has a latitude of 61 5240 n. Russia is located in the eastern europe northern asia and lies between latitudes 60 0 north and longitudes 100 00 east.

The longitude of russia is 105 3188 e placing russia in the eastern hemisphere. Located in the north west and east latitudes of the northern hemisphere most of russia is much closer to the north pole than to the equator. South america map.

77 of the total landmass of russia is in asia while the rest is in europe. Russia location map showing the geographical location of russia on the world map. The northern hemisphere russia is mostly in the northern and eastern hemisphere.

The gps coordinates of russia put russia in the northern hemisphere as well. China mongolia north korea kazakhstan in the south georgia azerbaijan in the southwest norway finland. The arctic ocean borders russia to the north and the pacific to the east.

Find out where is russia located on the world map. Go back to see more maps of russia maps of russia. The exclave of russia kaliningrad also borders the baltic sea as well as lithuania and poland.

This map shows where russia is located on the world map. Russia location on the world map click to see large. Russia the largest country of the world covers a total area of 17 098 242 sq.

The country s furthest points in all directions. As such russia is situated to the north of the equator. And shares its land boundary with fourteen neighboring countries.

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