Ideas For Landscaping Front Of House

Are you looking for some ideas to make your home more beautiful on the outside? Landscaping the front of the house is a great way to increase the value of your home. Ideas for landscaping front of house are endless. They do depend upon the color and architectural style of your home. Both of these things play important roles in creating the perfect landscaped house.

The color of your home is used to decide what colors of plants and flowers will need to be placed in the yard. For example, neutral color homes like beige, gray or white will need bolder colors to have the visual effect for your landscaping.

Some plants and flowers that will go with the neutral colored homes are rich purple plants accented with yellow blooms, or you could use red flowers with highlights of white blooms and maybe throw in some silver foliage plants. These bold colors against the neutral house colors will be visually appealing in a landscape.

Your home should stand out with the color scheme used in the design of your landscape. One of the most important ideas for landscaping front of house is to choose your colors according to your house colors.

There are many different architectural styles of homes; and each style will need a different style of landscaping. The following is just a few of the architectural styles and ideas on how to do the landscaping for them.

Victorian Style Homes

Victorian home ideas include a formal garden which would include a boxwood hedge. Some plants or flowers that are good for the Victorian home landscapes are peonies, hydrangeas, and the old-fashioned roses.

Traditional Style Homes

A Traditional home can have a classic look with a white picket fence and some evergreen plants. Maybe have a few planters sitting on the porch. Climbing rose bushes on the fence or porch post would add some color to the simple, classic look. The dwarf size plants could be added around the foundation to complete the landscaping.

Cottage Style Homes

A Cottage home can have paths of plants leading to it for a more relaxed look.

Landscaping Front Of House

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Contemporary Style Homes

A Contemporary home can use geometric patterns in the landscape for that modern contemporary look. The ornamental grasses will work well with these styles of homes.

There are many other factors to consider when landscaping the front of your house. The materials used on the house such as cedar siding or bricks can determine how you want it landscaped. Cedar siding tends to look good for a natural landscape, and if you add some native plants, you can get an interesting look.

Repeating the patterns in your home into your landscape will give your yards a visual look to blend in with the house. For example, if your house is brick, then make a path using bricks. The same technique can be used if you have a stone house, then you can make a stone path. These paths could be used to set off the flowers and plants to match your home.

Ideas for landscaping front of house are numerous.

The basic knowledge for landscaping is matching the home’s architectural style and colors with the right plant, flowers, and accessories. Your home’s front yard can be the garden spot of envy for all your neighbors if you just apply a few of these ideas to your landscape.

The landscape of the front of the house sets the mood for your home. A large home deserves a big and bold look, but a small home deserves to look cozy and intimate.

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