Fallout 4 Nuka World Star Core Locations Map

Fallout 4 quests often have waypoints guiding. The star core is a quest item in the fallout 4 add on nuka world.

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Once you have activated the star control mainframe you will receive the quest objectives in your log to find the star cores scattered around nuka world as you usually would but will also now have quest markers to guide you right to them.

Fallout 4 nuka world star core locations map. Star control quest you can start the quest by visiting the star control building in galaxy zone. Finding star cores in fallout 4 s nuka world dlc is a difficult task. The fourth and the last core in the starlight theater is waiting for you in the control room.

Check out this guide to find all 35 star cores to pass the star control quest. Among the stars star cores. Most of them are hidden in the galactic zone theme park while some require going outside.

Fallout 4 nuka world guide vault tec. Nuka world what you get for collecting them. The star core is on the ground in the pile of trash.

In fallout 4 dlc nuka world the player will get a side quest star control where he needs to find star cores in order to get access to the special circuit board and a nuka world power armor. Star cores systemized telemetry for automated robot control are redundant multi purpose control panels consisting of a black circuit board with glowing red lights. This guide will show you all star core locations in fallout 4.

They are necessary for taking over the galactic zone during the quests star control and the grand tour but they can also be picked up during normal exploration. Starport nuka circle around behind the star control room and pass the burnt out bus then check out the dumpster area. Fallout 4 nuka world.

The location of all 35 star cores for the star control quest in nuka world dlc for fallout 4. The galactic zone is split into four distinct dungeon like areas that show up as separate icons on your map. Enter the barn like building here head through the.

There is a dead person with a star core beside them. Located along the west side of the map you will find the junkyard. Vault tec is a confusing and a bit of more deadly dungeon than any others you ll find in the nuka world star control quest.

Go upstairs and you ll find the final star core. Modifies the vanilla star control quest to show quest markers for 34 of 35 star cores see notes below. Where to find the star cores in starlight interstellar theater.

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