Climatic Regions Of South Africa Map

The country has more than 290 conservation parks. This symmetry is however imperfect because of a.

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A number of factors influence the climate of the african continent.

Climatic regions of south africa map. Africa asia europe middle east north america oceania south america. Desert 18 36 n s of the equator sub tropical hp zone west coast and continental effect cold canary current and cold benguela current. This sub region is also known as eastern africa and it occupies the eastern region of the massive african continent.

Great parts of north africa and southern africa as well as the whole horn of africa mainly have a hot desert climate or a hot semi arid climate for the wetter locations. The climate is wet and cool at the high elevations which experience snowfall in winter. South africa is a sunny country averaging 8 10 daily sunshine hours in most regions.

The sahara desert in north africa is the largest hot desert in the world and is one of the hottest driest and sunniest places on earth. Second the near bisection of the continent by the equator results in a largely symmetrical arrangement of climatic zones on either side. First most of the continent which extends from 35 s to about 37 n latitude lies within the tropics.

South africa is the largest food producer in the region and a major exporter as well. The sahel region covers a belt of grasslands south of the sahara stretching from senegal to sudan. Answer the questions that follow.

The sahara desert is the massive but largely empty region in north africa that contains the world s largest hot deserts. Climatic zone map sans 204 2 2008. The region is comprised of kenya uganda tanzania burundi rwanda and south sudan.

Refer to the map below figure 1 a showing africas climate regions and the climate graphs that match many of the climatic regions figures b k. Portions of this site are based on the cia world fact book a public domain work. Africa africa climate.

Climate south africa occupies the most southern tip of africa with its long coastline stretching more than 3 000 km from the desert border with namibia on the atlantic coast southwards around the tip of africa and then north to the border of subtropical mozambique on the indian ocean. The average annual rainfall for south africa is about 464 mm compared to a global average of 786 mm but large and unpredictable variations are common overall rainfall is greatest in the east and gradually decreases westward with some semi desert areas along the western edge of south africa. It is an attempt to inter alia establish the maximum energy demand and maximum energy consumption in the design of a particular building into the south african climate into the national building standards.

The maghreb is a region of northwest africa encompassing the coastlands and atlas mountains of morocco algeria and tunisia. The grassy lower slopes from 1 800 to 2 500 m 5 900 to 8 200 ft of the drakensberg in swaziland south africa and lesotho constitute the drakensberg montane grasslands woodlands and forests ecoregion. Located just south of the sahara is a narrow semi desert steppe a semi arid region.

East africa mount kilimanjaro is found in east africa. The new sans 204 2 1 standard recognizes six main climatic regions in south africa fig.

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