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Small and medium cities are grouped into tier iii or iv. Tier ii cities include the larger cities of china including but not limited to guiyang nanjing and qingdao.

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Five tier 1 cities 30 tier 2 cities 138 tier 3 cities and 480 tier 4 cities.

China tier cities map. Tier iv and tier v cities round out the majority of the country s urban population. China s tiered city system explained. The tiers are used by analysts to study consumer behaviour income level politics and local trends to help tune strategies to local conditions.

This article introduces the concept of china city tiers. Counting how many people live in any chinese city is an imperfect science. This map shows 30 cities worthy of a serious look by investors some now some down the road.

Republic of china 1912 1949 note. Tier systems are widely used to classify chinese cities. More recently chinese news source yicai global released their own formula in the report 2017 china city business charm ranking categorizing chinese cities into six tiers using the five measures below.

Home china city maps. In china lower tier cities are challenging the dominance of first tier cities like beijing and shanghai for attracting foreign investment. Chinese 2nd tier cities.

China city map 2020. Many economists consultants and businesses classify cities in china based on the tier system. The scmp criteria resulted in.

China is booming and the economic growth goes well beyond early winners like beijing shanghai guangzhou and shenzhen. Map of china cities. It is the general consensus that four cities namely beijing shanghai guangzhou shenzhen belong to the first tier while tier ii includes other major cities.

This section provides maps of all the important cities of china like beijing map shanghai map guangzhou map etc. A note on chinese populations. All names are transliterated in pinyin.

View maps of the 6 china city tiers and discover which tier 338 different china cities are ranked under. So far china has more than 661 cities including 4 municipality directly under the central government beijing chongqing tianjin shanghai 2 sar cities hong kong macau 283 prefecture level cities and 374 county level cities. Businesses frequently refer to the tier system in for example devising marketing strategy as it is understood that treating china as one market is simply not feasible.

In recent years the increasing cost of labor housing and land in first tier cities has led many fortune 500 companies especially those in the computer software information technology and e commerce sectors to settle in second and third tier. Tier iii cities are not as developed as tier ii cities but many that fall into this category are considered to be economically significant. Along with practical travel information on city maps of china travel you will find hotels sights airports roads streets highways counties rivers mountains and more.

Consumers from different regions and cities have vastly different income levels behaviors and trends. Brought about by 20 years of rapid growth labelling a chinese city as 1st tier or 2nd tier is a convenient way to describe its level of development.

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