China Map Of States

The above map is of china a sovereign nation in east asia that is regarded as the world s third or fourth largest country. After the defeat of japan in world war ii in 1945 china re incorporated manchuria as 10 provinces and assumed control of taiwan as a province.

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The above map represents the east asian country of china the world s most populous nation.

China map of states. However china lost four provinces with the establishment of the japanese puppet state of manchukuo in manchuria. The following china provincial map shows you large and clear maps of the 33 provinces like sichuan yunnan tibet qinghai shandong guizhou and xinjiang with lots of treasures to discover. Explore states cities administrative divisions history geography.

China provincial map 2021. China maps with cities including beijing shanghai guilin xi an guangzhou hangzhou tibet as well as great wall virtual tour map china provinces population geography and railway. The following map shows an overall view of china s land area of about 3 7 million sq mi 9 6 million sq km on a scale of 1 9 000 000.

The map can be dowloaded printed and used for map pointing activities or coloring. China province map bilingual map of china provinces. Map of chinal political location map and tourist information about china.

The country s provinces major cities together with popular tourist attractions are marked to facilitate visitors to china. As a result the republic of china in 1946 had 35 provinces. The territorial waters and neighboring countries are also included.

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