China Map Distortion

There are various trade offs with any map style and those trade offs can vary depending on how the map is meant to be used. It lets you visualize how large countries really are.

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Because the distortion of antarctica is so severe cartographers tend to just crop the continent off.

China map distortion. This example shows how to visualize map projection distortions using contour lines of constant map distortion. You may be surprised at what you find. However most islands in the south china sea are disputed between the countries that border it.

The distortion is the result of the mercator projection the map most commonly seen hanging in classrooms and in text books which was created in 1596 to help sailors navigate the world. So if the map looks really odd to you it s because the shapes and angles are all wrong exactly the reason why we don t see this map online much. To understand our map even better you should try using james talmage and damon maneice s interactive map project called the true size.

It also stretched land masses vertically near the equator. A great tool for educators. The chinese cite historical maps and documents as the basis for their claims.

The reason for this border misalignment is thanks to the chinese government for national security reasons every map of china must be intentionally distorted. However that leads to another new. Inspired by krause s map james talmage and damon maneice two computer developers based out of detroit created an interactive graphic that really puts the distortion caused by the mercator map.

Visualize projection distortions using isolines. In 2008 a shanghai blogger by the name of jian shuo wang was one of the first to notice the issue when google first offered their hybrid of map and satellite images in china. To make a long story short when used in china apple s maps are subject to a varying offset of 100 600m which makes annotations display incorrectly on the map.

Is greenland really as big as all of africa. In its quest of removing size distortions the map stretched some places near the poles horizontally to a shocking degree. This is important because the map includes china s controversial 10 dashed line which essentially claims the entirety of the south china sea and taiwan.

With any map projection style the big challenge lies in depicting a spherical object as a 2d graphic. In 1569 the great cartographer gerardus mercator created a revolutionary new map based on a cylindrical projection. Drag and drop countries around the map to compare their relative size.

A standard method of visualizing map projection distortion is to project small circles spaced at regular intervals across the globe.

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