Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House

Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House – Your front yard is the first thing people notice about your home. It does not matter that your backyard is a blissful Garden of Eden complete with worked stone pathways, trickling water features and an area where you practice transcendental meditation every Tuesday. If the front of your house is barren and lifeless, that is how your friends and neighbors will think of you. The interior of your home could be neat and worthy of a photo spread in Better Homes & Gardens, but if the front of your house does not measure up, it will not matter.

The solution is simple. It is time to fix up your front yard. Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House are relatively uncomplicated and do not cost very much. For the price of a few shrubs, some grass seeds, and a couple of flats of flowers, you can transform the barren wasteland of your front yard into a showpiece worthy of the rest of your home. Below you will find several low cost, but beautiful, ideas for transforming your yard.


Flowers are cheap, and they look terrific. A splash of color can truly set a home apart from its neighbors. Flowers can be planted along pathways, in hanging pots along the railing of a porch, in large standing pots on either side of the front door, or anywhere in the yard that strikes your fancy. There are perennials available that will bloom every year. In the springtime, you can plant brilliant and colorful annuals. Flowers are inexpensive and easy to install. Mix and vary colors and heights to create a brilliant and attractive effect.

Front Yard Relaxation

Relaxation areas do not need to be confined to the backyard. Adding a sitting area to your front yard will maximize the amount of usable yard space while creating an attractive and unique feature. A sitting area can be created by combining a few paving stones and patio furniture or even a hammock.

Water Features

Water features look difficult to install, but they are not. These features add curb appeal to any front yard, and they can be installed with a shovel, a little decorative stone, sweat and weekend’s worth of work. Whether you plan to install a koi pond or a trickling rock fountain, you can find an easy-to-install kit at most home and garden stores.

If you plan to design your own water feature, make sure you purchase a quality pond liner and water filter. Fish do not do well when all the water drains out of the pond or the water is not properly aerated.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House

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Fencing and Lighting

Installing a fence defines and enhances your front-yard area. While the traditional white picket fence is still very popular, homeowners are also beginning to incorporate stylish stone and wrought-iron fencing options into their front yards. Fencing is not only aesthetically pleasing. It also enhances safety. Those with small children can be comfortable allowing them to play in the front yard as they are prevented from running out into the street by the fence.

Lighting is another way to enhance both the beauty and safety of your front yard area. There is no reason all of those flowers and features should only be seen during the day. There are many affordable lighting options available to homeowners. These can be as complex as built-in lights that require the services of an electrician to install or as easy as Solar LED garden lights that do not require professional installation.

Implementing some or all of these Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House will significantly improve the curb appeal of your home. There is no reason to allow your home to be plain and forgettable. Front yard landscaping ideas are simply and cheap to implement.

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