Blank World Map Quiz Jetpunk

Nov 12 2016. Russia for example is just over 17 million square kilometers while the canada the united states and china are all over 9 million square kilometers.

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50 biggest cities with a blank map.

Blank world map quiz jetpunk. Countries of the world with an empty map. Check out our popular trivia games like countries of the world with an empty map and us states with an empty map. This is the highest average i ve ever seen on a jetpunk quiz 43 45 at the date of this comment.

I ve tried it at least 20 times and every single time i just cannot remember the last one or two countries i m missing. I practiced a lot on that quiz to get to where i am now always getting all 196 even without a list or being able to see the small countries. Large countries map quiz game.

For whatever reason i simply am not able to get 100 on this quiz its beyond frustrating lol. It makes it more challenging to have to name countries based purely on the map rather than using the answer boxes to decipher the answer. Cyprus and turkey should all be in the map of europe quizzes and map of asia quizzes.

Identifying those may not challenge your geography trivia too much but this map quiz game has many more countries that. But this is jetpunk. How do you make a quiz like this where you select one answer from a list of answers and if you get it wrong then you get that answer wrong.

So if i want to make a quiz where you choose whether or not each thing listed is a fruit or a vegetable how would i make it so you can t just type fruit and then vegetable for every question. It s commonly used in several of my quizzes where i don t think it s necessary to have the boxes. I found this place because i was trying to learn world geography and the original version of this quiz was how i learned all the countries.

Every time you guess a city it will appear on the map. Countries of the world quiz. Us map quiz jetpunk africa in words world map art print featuring the digital art world world map creator map of the world with countries north america map quiz us map blank printable archives wp landingpages us map states world atlas map spain copy where is spain on the world map imsa world atlas map spain copy where is spain on the world map imsa map u s and.

You can always hover over a green country on the map to see its name it ll show up below the map. But this quiz man. It is more of the quizmaster s opinion and all the country quizzes are based off the countries of the world quiz.

Then in the 2nd semester of 6th grade we learned about south american geography and i again memorized all the countries and one day i wasn t at school but my sister told me that the teacher asked a question and she said i wasn t allowed to answer and my sister told. Us map quiz jetpunk. Even though there are 195 countries some stand out on the map more than others.

In 6th grade we were learning about european geography and i thought it was fun so i memorized all the countries in europe. I can do all 196 with a map just fine i know the flags and capitals too.

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