Beirut Religion Map

As of 2018 the jews in lebanon make up the smallest religious group with merely 0 08 of the population. Another standout feature about the population of beirut is that it is one of the most religiously diverse cities in the middle east.

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Islam is the most popular religion in lebanon.

Beirut religion map. You are free to use above map for educational purposes please refer to the nations online project. 33 8715557870815 35 5308151245117 12 satellite. Beyrouth pronounced is the capital and largest city of lebanon as of 2014 greater beirut has a population of 2 2 million which makes it the third largest city in the levant region and the thirteenth largest in the arab world the city is situated on a peninsula at the midpoint of lebanon s.

The city was relatively well blended until the civil war when segregation occurred. Some researchers describe the political system in lebanon as coming out of the womb of religion and politics. The western asian country of lebanon occupies an area of 10 452 square km and hosts a population of 6 006 668 people.

Sign in up. They reject the five pillars of the islam do not visit mosques and have no defined holy days. As can be observed on the map lebanon is roughly rectangular in shape.

Map of beirut with detail of various religious divisions based on districts. According to the constitution on the church of the second vatican council lumen gentium the catholic church is understood to be a corporate body of churches united with the pope of rome who. A comprehensive introduction to religion in lebanon.

The maronite catholic church is one of 22 churches that comprise the catholic church. No recent population census has been conducted but 2007 estimates ranged from slightly more than 1 million to 2 2. The above map is of lebanon a sovereign country in the middle east.

Map of lebanon political map of lebanon the map shows lebanon and surrounding countries with international borders the national capital beirut governorate capitals major cities main roads railroads and major airports. The above map represents the outline of the territory lebanon a small country in the middle east. Religion plays a big role in politics.

Beirut b eɪ ˈ r uː t bay root. Edit this map beirut relgions divides map near beirut lebanon. Druze founded in egypt in the 10th and 11th centuries as a splinter group from shi ite islam the druze have eliminated all elements of ritual and ceremony.

After the independence from france in 1943 the leaders of lebanon agreed on the distribution. Religion and society religion and politics. View location view map.

Signed out explore maps map directory contributors add map. Although it is not widely known in our western world the catholic church is actually a communion of churches. The map can be downloaded printed and used for coloring or educational purpose.

There is a total of 18 recognized religions within the area include four muslim sects twelve christian sects and a jewish sect. Beirut is the capital and largest city of lebanon a country in western asia. The country s strategic location on the mediterranean sea coast has influenced its religious demographics and culture since the ancient times.

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