Beirut Explosion Map Comparison

The mushroom cloud levelling of a large part of the city and rising death toll point towards a major disaster. 1 x this morning i woke up to see viral maps incorrectly comparing the damage area of the beirut explosion to london and new york.

Beirut Or Hiroshima How Big Were The Beirut Blasts In Comparison To Hiroshima Nuclear Blasts Of 1945

How does the beirut explosion compare to some other major blasts throughout world history in terms of the size of blast and human toll.

Beirut explosion map comparison. Below is a comparison. Comparing beirut explosion with halifax hiroshima blasts. Aftermath of the halifax explosion.

Following the disastrous explosion in beirut yesterday shocking images have started to show the sheer scale of the damage following reports that it could be felt up to 200 km away in cyprus. Nasa maps the damage from the beirut explosion. Since the explosion small fires have occurred within the damaged sections of the port of beirut.

However the closest comparison to beirut may be an ammonium nitrate blast that happened in texas city in 1947 where a fire caused over 2 000 metric tonnes of the fertilizer to explode damaging. While experts are yet to determine the official yield of the explosion 2 750 tonnes of explosives ammonium nitrate definitely have a large impact. On 10 september 2020 a large fire erupted in a cooking oil warehouse and food parcels belonging to the international committee of the red cross icrc 249 then spread to a stock of rubber tires in the port s duty free zone.

I have corrected the maps with a little thread to explain my corrections. Tweet with my notes. Here s what the beirut explosion would ve looked like if it happened in dc on august 4 one of the deadliest explosions ever rocked the capital of lebanon.

After the beirut explosion many were shocked at the extensive damage caused with some comparing the blast radius to london. Since the blast a series of maps that suggest how other cities such. Beirut was ground to a halt on tuesday after an explosion by the city s port left at least 135 dead and thousands injured and the impact of the blast is laid bare by a chilling london comparison.

Nasa used synthetic aperture radar data from space to map where the worst damage occurred. 7 2020 5 12 p m. Here s what the blast would impact.

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