Beirut Explosion Map Chicago

I was not there i was in latin america. Officials say the explosion was caused by a fire that set off more than 2 750 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate at a warehouse in beirut s port.

Map Of The Day What The Beirut Explosion Would Ve Done To Chicago Shoe Untied

Since the blast a series of maps that suggest how other cities such.

Beirut explosion map chicago. Obviously a giant explosion but if we are being honest the vast majority of americans have no idea what beirut really looks like. One of those things that you just can t forget. The blast killed at least 135 people and wounded.

Beirut a huge fire broke out at beirut s port thursday raising new panic among residents still struggling with the traumatic effects of the catastrophic explosion at the same site last month. Really puts things into perspective. Anwar amro afp via getty images a picture shows the scene of an explosion in beirut on august 4 2020.

Here s what the beirut explosion would ve looked like if it happened in dc on august 4 one of the deadliest explosions ever rocked the capital of lebanon. After the beirut explosion many were shocked at the extensive damage caused with some comparing the blast radius to london. A large explosion rocked the lebanese capital and the blast which rattled entire buildings.

This map really puts things into perspective. Here s what the blast would impact. For so many people in america and around the world the only image they ever see.

It s hard to wrap your mind around the scale of how far reaching the damage is if you don t understand any landmarks. Some of you have shown an interest in the explosion in beirut. They planned to visit beirut this year but because of covid 19 that didn t happen.

Beirut a pulsing signal was detected thursday from under the rubble of a beirut building that collapsed during the horrific port explosion in the lebanese capital last month raising hopes. Really puts things into perspective. The beirut explosion transposed over a map of chicago if the bomb were to have gone off at navy pier.

The beirut explosion transposed over a map of chicago if the bomb were to have gone off at navy pier. However let s discuss it. Hezbollah arsenal before after.

Abboud is lebanese american.

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