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The achaemenian empire at its zenith governed over a vast federated system of nearly 30 quasi. Anatolia turkish anadolu also called asia minor the peninsula of land that today constitutes the asian portion of turkey.

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Asia is the birthplace of all the world s major religions buddhism christianity hinduism islam and judaism and of many minor ones.

Asia minor map today. Anatolia is also known as asia minor or lesser asia anatolia had been a home of ancient civilizations as well as the greatest empires of the world. Croesus was overthrown by cyrus the great of persia also known today as iran the indigenous name of the nation since antiquity of the achaemenid empire in 560 bce followed by the capture of most asia minor and greece by the achaemenian s darius i in 512 bce when ruled for a brief period. In new testament times asia referred to a roman province located at the western part of what came to be known as asia minor.

Asia minor is composed today by turkey. This is a scarce 1835 map of asia minor or what is today turkey and its adjacent countries. Anatolia map with short history of asia minor and turkey.

It exerts little influence on the continent though many asian countries have christian minorities. Firstly it is to be noted that every concept which we study in international relations are given by western countries. Asia minor is bordered by the black sea mediterranean sea the aegean sea the sea of marmara and the armenian highlands to the north south west northwest and east respectively.

Anaolia is a broad peninsula located between the asia and europe. They termed all the areas according to their own ease and understandings all these terms are nearly same the diffrence is in it. Map of asia minor.

The origin history of the people region in the south of asia minor is slightly harder to connect directly to the balkans greece but it is situated roughly were we find the hellenized armenian seleucid kingdom s of commagene and sophene and on a side note the ancient site of gobekli. Asia minor is separated from europe by. Because of its location at the point where the continents of asia and europe meet anatolia was from the beginnings of civilization a crossroads for numerous peoples migrating or conquering from either continent.

It includes the whole or part of the modern day countries of italy greece albania macedonia bulgaria turkey egypt libya israel and lebanon. Map of asia minor. Asia minor was the area between the black sea aegean sea and the mediterranean sea.

Asia minor has an area of about 291 773 square miles an average length and breadth of about 650 and 300 miles respectively. Map of asia minor pdf for print freely distributed map of asia minor in new testament times. It covers from italy east to syria and from bulgaria south to libya.

Of those only christianity developed primarily outside of asia. Asia minor is composed today by iraq syria israel.

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