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Lake victoria is the largest lake in africa by area the largest tropical. With a total approximate area of 3 32 million square miles 8 6 million square km it encompasses almost all of northern africa spanning from the atlantic ocean on the western side of the continent to the red sea on the eastern side.

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Mount kenya standing at 5 199 m.

Africa land features map. Customize africa physical features quiz the nile river is the longest river in the world with a length of 6 650 km 4 132 mi. Kenya is a country located in eastern africa where it covers an area of 580 367 sq. With 1 3 billion people as of 2018 it accounts for about 16 of the world s human population africa s average population is the youngest amongst.

This quiz can be customized to add more features. The highest peak is mt. Other principal features include.

About one fourth of the sahara s surface consists of sand sheets and dunes. Africa s largest lake is lake victoria other large lakes in africa are lake tanganyika lake malawi and lake chad. Physical map of kenya print map.

Africa time zone map. Africa africa land. Its highest mountain is mount kilimanjaro its largest lake is lake victoria.

Click to see large. The physiography of africa is essentially a reflection of the geologic history and geology that is described in the previous section. Those highlands are the site of the country s highest point.

Within its regular outline it comprises an area of 30 368 609 km 2 11 725 385 sq mi excluding adjacent islands. This mountain system runs from southwestern morocco along the mediterranean coastline to the eastern edge of tunisia. 3297×3118 3 8 mb go to map.

2500×2282 899 kb go to map. At about 30 3 million km 2 11 7 million square miles including adjacent islands it covers 6 of earth s total surface area and 20 of its land area. Several smaller ranges are included namely the high atlas middle atlas and maritime atlas.

The continent composed largely of a vast rigid block of ancient rocks has geologically young mountains at its extremities in the highlands of the atlas mountains in the northwest and the cape ranges in the south. Click to see large. Map of africa with countries and capitals.

The suez canal connects the mediterranean sea with the red sea. Part of the reason the african continent has so many interesting. Africa is the second largest of the seven continents on earth africa is bounded by the atlantic ocean on the west the indian ocean on the east the mediterranean sea on the north and the red sea on the northeast.

The nile river for example is considered to be the longest river in the world and mount kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in africa at over 4 900 meters. 2500×2282 821 kb go to map. It has been marked on the physical map above.

The continent of africa is known for its iconic landscapes including rain forests deserts mountains rivers and savannas. Africa is the world s second largest and second most populous continent after asia in both cases. Toubkal in western morocco at 13 671 ft.

The man made waterway was completed in 1869 after 10 years of construction. Africa is a continent comprising 63 political territories representing the largest of the great southward projections from the main mass of earth s surface. From its indian ocean coastline kenya s flat land rises into central highlands.

1168×1261 561 kb go to map. Physical features map quiz game. Physical map of africa.

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