Accurate Real Map Of The World

Map reveals where modern countries would be located if pangea still existed. The world map we accept today known as the mercator map made in 1569 by geographer gerardus mercator largely misreports the sizes of greenland africa and antarctica.

The Equal Earth Projection Shows The True Area Of Continents Such As Africa Without Greatly Distorting Their Shapes And Is New World Map Africa Map World Map

This exercise is an eye opening look at how this map might have affected our view on the world concerns that were raised as far back as the early 20th century.

Accurate real map of the world. But a designer in japan has created a map that s so accurate it s almost as good as a globe and it s probably one of the best estimations you ll see of the real size of countries. Fascinating map from 1942 features oceans as the main focus of the world. Google maps adds commuter features to app.

Scientists create map that accurately shows 2d earth. Interactive map lets you pinpoint your address on earth millions of years ago. This award winning map keeps the world s countries in proportion whether it s folded up or left as a flat wall chart.

Eye opening true size map shows the real size of countries on a global scale. The standard classroom maps we all learned geography from are based on the mercator projection a 16th century rendering that preserved lines used for navigation while hideously distorting the true sizes of continents and oceans further from the equator. We re long overdue for an accurate map.

Explore mars venus europa and more from earth. We all know most maps of the world aren t entirely accurate. However the authagraph world map takes into consideration their actual sizes the ozone hole above antarctica our changing world due to global warming the continental drift and how the poles are melting away.

Everything you know is a lie from elevator buttons to maps of the world. Morrison warned in 1902. Narukawa s authagraph world map which he unveiled in 2016 won the coveted grand award of japan s good design award competition beating out over 1 000 entries in a variety of categories his map overcame 2d distortions by angling continents in a way that accurately displays both their relative sizes and the distances between them.

For starters africa is way bigger than it looks and greenland isn t nearly so vast. Our maps have been lying to us for centuries. People s ideas of geography are not founded on actual facts but on mercator s map british cartographer g.

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