6 Physical Divisions Of India Map

India can be divided into following physical divisions. India is surrounded with waters from three sides and in the north are the proud mountains of the great himalayas.

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The western side of the country has the deserted area.

6 physical divisions of india map. The peninsular plateau is divided into. 6 physical features the 6 physical features are. The himalayas the himalayas are geologically young and structurally fold mountains which stretch over the northern borders of india.

India is divided into six physiographic divisions on basis of the varied physiographic features. Let s find out. The northern and north eastern mountains.

A physical map of india shows all the physical divisions of the seventh largest country in the world. It is bounded by the aravallis in the north west maikal range in the north hazaribagh and rajmahal hills in the north east the western ghats in the west and the eastern ghats in the east. The six physical features present in the indian subcontinent are.

There are basically 6 major physical division of india. The total geographical area of india is 3 28 million square km. Northern and north eastern mountain.

The great indian desert. The northernmost landscape of the country highlights the young and structurally folded mountains. Physical division of india map.

Indian states and territories frequently use different local titles for the same level of subdivision e g the mandals of andhra pradesh and telangana correspond to tehsils of uttar pradesh and other hindi speaking states but to talukas of gujarat. It covering an area of about 16 lakh sq km forms the largest and oldest physiographic division of india. The himalayan mountains the northern plains the peninsular plateau the indian desert the coastal plains the islands.

India our country is gifted with a variety of landscapes the lofty himalayas the great indian desert the northern plains the deccan plateau surface and the scenic coasts and islands. They compose a nested hierarchy of country subdivisions. The administrative divisions of india are subnational administrative units of india.

The northern mountains himalayan mountains. The great indian desert. The north indian plains.

Because each of these landforms has a beauty of its own it also adds to the physical diversity of the country. The coastal plains amp. The topographical features of the country are quite varied.

India apart from the mainland has some groups of islands too. Physical features of india physical features of india. India can be divided into following 6 physical divisions.

The great himalayas mountains the deccan plateau. The northern fertile plain.

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