4 Degree World Map

Hot spots can be clicked on to get more specific information about the problems in different regions. This interactive world map shows the impact of a global temperature rise of 4 degrees celsius on a variety of factors including agriculture marine life fires weather patterns and health.

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Produced by scientists using the latest peer reviewed science from the met office hadley centre it shows how a 4 degree average rise is likely to be unevenly spread around the world.

4 degree world map. The idea of a four degree world refers to what climate models predict the world could look like by 2100 when averaged over all of earth s surfaces temperatures rise by four degrees celsius compared to pre industrial levels. Most climate models agree that the far north and south of the planet will see an increase in precipitation. This map which shows some of the effects a 4 c rise in average temperature could have on the planet is eight years old but it seems to get more contemporary as it ages and the planet warms.

Predicting a four degree world. Though first published by new scientist in 2009 the map is still a haunting reminder that we can t afford to sit back when it comes to saving our environment. Khanna s world map shows what earth would look like if or when it becomes 4 degrees celsius 7 2 degrees fahrenheit warmer.

A wholesale relocation of the world s population according to the geography of resources means abandoning huge tracts of the globe and moving people to where the water is. A new map illustrates what some of the impacts of a rise in global temperature of 4 degress celsuis would be across the world.

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