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Burlap board has become a favorite for many people to put their message. Messages that are addressed to the family members and of course its use is not limited to just it. Burlap board can be used for bulletin info, paste poems for husband or wife, photos, crafts and attaches some elements of decoration. Ballard Design sells these boards with a price range of $49.00 to $229.00, and interestingly it can be an idea to make burlap project yourself.

We found the diy burlap board project undertaken by Mel Frantz Featherings owner. The project began with the purchase German-made burlap bag, that’s the former sacks of coffee. She found it at the local flea for just $1.50 which is certainly immensely cheap and antique. Other materials needed are wood frame and mod podge which she got from the rest of the other project. Then buy a Cork’s roll as a board inner for burlap also canvas. The other tools required are a staple gun, a hammer and upholstery nails purchased at lowes.

Some materials required for Mel’s project. For more complete diy burlap guide look at Mel’s blog!

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