Cubit Shelving For Healthy Interior

[Interior] Cubit Shelving For Healthy Interior: Cubit Book Shelf

Cubit shelving well designed for clean interior and better combined with neutral color. Shelf unit are available in various custom design and color combination. Their modular shelf is immensely good also solid emphasis for books, DVD also ornament for decorative purpose. This cubit shelf is one product offered with the price tag at €2,130.00 with assorted of color also the dimension of cube. This shelf is perfect combined with the wall painted neutral color like white and light cream.

This one is fully functional in home library or mini library. Not just book, you could insert an ornamental item to beautify it, just little thing like mini statue. Relaxing chair with the right lighting installation and outside view setting are make comfort your reading space.

That’s the eye catching shelf in fully red finish. This will be exceedingly striking when installed in the white walls, and the book will plays by inserting color to this cube. indeed, this cube tint can not classify your book collection based on cube’s hue.

This shelf design like minecraft with just the design also color settings. This shelf can provide you up to three classification of file based on the tone and the availability of the door shelf. This shelf designed fused with working table with deliberation of accessibility and space efficiency.

And this one is perfect for colleges students which reflect the knowledge and books lovers. This shelf design emphasis on accessibility and aesthetics touch of private reading room with neatness and space-saving feature. The use of the limited space in the attic to store a large collection of dvd will be very easy with cubit shelf. This sort of shelf offered at affordable price, with €2,096.00 you’ll have cool dvd storage.

The natural wooden hue in some cube infiltrate the nuance of natural to the modern interior. This €2,096.00 shelf unit is functional and just good for contemporary interior. This shelf unit offered at €538.00, cube shape that resembles the building of pyramid tilted 90 degrees, the combination of design, arrangement of cubes alternating with color cube, based on the level, very smart!

The shelf is similar in design, as if a symmetric line between the shelves. But the top shelf is with no door, and the bottom unit is private shelf with door. This €1,515.00 shelf is pretty cool in white and black cube color. With the availability of cube lets you store a lot of files, books, and various items into it. The wall shelf is designed for slating roof and used to store DVD. This design of shelf also good installed under stair. The price for this unit is €623.00.

This wall mounted shelf designed for near corner space with regularity of outer side dimension although inside spacing creativity provide the results of its own uniqueness coupled with the coloring of each cube is quite interesting when combined with other cube hues in a single shelf unit.


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