DIY Projects

DIY Coat Rack Ideas

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The modern one can be made into standing form. It can save the place and make us feels that the room is bigger. The coat can also look good when it put here, that’s why many people are looking for to have this kind of rack. This one can be useful when we are maintaining the rack well because we already did the project under the title of DIY Coat Rack Ideas. [...]

DIY TV Stand With Drawers

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Printmaker’s Style quite favored by several people including the application for media console. This time, the idea of DIY this come from restoration hardware in practise by Sarah via Domestically Speaking. She was so interested in seeing Printmaker’s TV console so that prompted her to make and take the Restoration Hardware’s signature of washed grey stain. Sarah also took the idea to build from Ana-White, but he preferred not to put up the top drawer. She let it open that will be enabled for game consoles so that easy in use. For the pine wood, she bought it at home depot. [...]

DIY Butterfly Mobile Pottery Barn

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Room for your little girl in desperate need touch of decoration aspect. This time we got inspiration ideas from Rena T as well as being a contributor at Crafts Unleashed. This project is very simple and easy. Some of materials needed to this project are; butterfly punch which you can purhase at consumercrafts, bakers twine, gold rings, waxed paper and needlepoint needle. Wax paper is the perfect material to give sparkle to Butterfly. [...]

Restoration Hardware Knock Off DIY Mirror

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For more complete story check Christine’s diy mirror here! [...]

DIY Burlap Bulletin Board

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Some materials required for Mel’s project. For more complete diy burlap guide look at Mel’s blog! [...]

DIY Flower Paintings Like a Pro

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That’s the steps to create flower paintings artwork. You can learn the full guide at Mark Montano’s blogs. [...]

Make Agate Paperweights Yourself

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Creativity makes us more valuable by producing works that can be useful. Like make Agate Paperweights yourself, a unique artwork, beautiful and easy to create. Some time ago, Ryan gave the instruction that he share in Momtastic. Initially he was inspired by glass paperweights are offered at PotteryBarn. Then he gathered the ingredients for initiating Agate Paperweights project. [...]

Make Your Own Sunburst Mirror Using Shed Shingles

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The mirror already had, if you haven’t had to this project then buy a round mirror in craft stores. Create backing for glass and shingles, for this we need a round of plywood boards. Then, glue the glass to the right of the middle section of plywood backing use mirror adhesive glue. The last, make sunburst effect by attaching shingles surrounding the mirror resembles the bung of the Sun. Use wood glue to attach the shingles onto the backing.
The work is done, then the installation process on the wall. Check at farmgirls for the ultimate Sunburst Mirror guide! [...]

Sparkle Crystal Orb Chandelier Inspired by Restoration Hardware

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This project may look difficult because you may require to bend an iron. However, forming the orb of wrought iron for a crystal chandelier can be handled on your own as homemade project. As done by Ashley Lopez leading up to the day of her marriage with Gabe. She wanted a romantic bedroom for her new family. The idea originated from Restoration Hardware which then gave her the spirit to looked for this diy project tutorials. She was immensely impressed with Jen tutorial and Shelley who share a guide at the Smith Family blog. [...]

Oversized Wall Clock from Small Junk Tabletop

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She utilizes a small junk tabletop she got for free. Then paint it with chalk paint color in creamy white. Doreen cut stencils in roman numeral style. Her husband helped her to place the roman number on the tabletop. Then the number painted in black with special paint for craft. To make the clock work, she bought the clock hands that are used as the engine for propulsion and movement mechanism purchased from Klockit with high torque feature. The project’s work is completed and installed, the clock so magnificently adorned the walls. [...]

Round Glass Coffee Tables Wood Base

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To make a great room that has the round shape glass coffee tables with timber base people should use the set of coffee tables as the decoration and also the main seating furniture of the room. The usage of the coffee tables set will make the room has a very beautiful seating furniture that could mix well with any room interior design. The number of coffee tables and the seating sets should be just enough for the room size since too many of the furniture could create a tight looking room. [...]

Best 14 Convertible Sofas For Small Spaces

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Urban area’s habitation at least it takes an efficient furniture in the use of space as a convertible sofa. Seen in terms of functionality, this sofa features only slightly different from the multifunctional furniture, but part of it. The difference is on the techniques of use, there is furniture designed for various purposes without changing/folding/pulling one part, while the convertible furniture should be with folding/pulling part to change into another form that serves others. However, the convertible sofa offers a duality of functions and saving space. Both functions for comfortable seating and plush bedding. [...]

Cool 14 Square Coffee Table

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Coffee table now uniquely and creatively designed with multi-function feature to save space. The point is uniqueness and the natural material rather than the modern fabricated material, that’s who people wanted. Just like post here, we gather several coffee table in square shape customarily placed in house. The long lasting power of solid wood overly dazzling and in fits any space theme, even in ultra modern theme room.  [...]

Ethan Allen Kids Furniture

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The Ethan Allen kids furniture for bedroom also has plenty of great colorful designs that will certainly make your kid to like it. People could choose any colors that the kids may like since there are so many variants of Ethan Allen bedroom furniture for kids that people could choose in their catalog. They don’t just sell bed for the bedroom furniture but also other bedroom furniture from bedding, mattresses rugs and mirrors for the kid’s bedroom. [...]

Wall Mounted Table Ideas

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Multifunctional furniture is already a concern many designers as one of the efforts for efficiency and maximize space including the use of a wall mounted table. This is primarily intended for housing in urban areas which has limited spaces with minimalist-style houses. Utilization of vertical space become a smart choice, starting from the installation of table wall mounted then the bookcase above or select some table that was designed to have a drawer built-in. This type of table can be utilized for various purposes of reading a book, working on the task or even eat. [...]

18 Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs of 2017

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Bones are problematic not just due to the decreased amount of calcium in the body. In certainty you could gain bone health troubles due to improper seating stance. Generally this consequence will be perceived when you’re aged or entering middle age. Thus, the utilization of seat models were fit to the bone will ameliorate bone structure that has been problematic. Corner chair improper usage will additionally impact growth. So the mold also the style of ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to your contentment. This nature of chair wasn’t grab time and form the body sense ailing. Bone anatomy of yours that yet having troubles can be cured with ergonomic form of desk chairs. [...]

Strong Metal Storage Cabinet

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The cabinet assuredly is not strange thing to notice when it is associated with the modern dwelling. There are sundry modern dwellings which will be troubled if there is no proper cabinet. In reality, the biggest problem which should be faced by numerous modern abodes is storage space. Abundant modern abodes come with mini space with immensely limited space for storage so the homeowners must utilize it properly. By operating storage cabinet, people will be adroit to store their belongings without causing clutter inside the abode. They’ll be proficient to organize their belongings as well so they’ll discover certain item effortlessly when they necessitate it. [...]

Best 18 Modern Office Furniture

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Companies have commenced to personalize working spots so that support produce a creative plus innovative environment for the employees. Even if the design necessitates to be kept simple with minimalistic, corporate identity can be implemented in the building through the wield of colour, the company logo, murals plus statement pieces. These recent style furnitures can be positioned to shape a clutter-free space but with a sense of fun with excitement, which will significantly improve their moods then therefore establish the willingness to come to work everyday. [...]

13 Comfy Computer Desk Chair

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Nowadays, our working affair can’t far from the advance of technology as the computers. So that, we need package furniture to make us feeling comfy once we are operating those computers. We should have the table and also chairs for supporting us accomplishing the job. The designer creatively makes those furniture in very abundant options. Not only are the diverse models of its table, but the comfy computer desk chair also available. Commonly, the design of computer desk chair is in state of the swivel chair, has the arms, and its foam covered by the black leather matter. Those characteristics of the furniture may make us sure that it is the real furniture we need right now. [...]

Veneer or Solid Wood for Desk Chair?

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Everyone may know that furniture made from veneer would come in affordable prices. It is really, really suitable for people who do not have much money but still want to decorate their home with wood furniture. With veneer for your wood desk chair, it will look different yet beautiful and exotic. Yeah, it’s true since veneer can be designed into different and unique ways. No matter how your room or office looks like, veneer wood desk can go well with the theme and decoration. It is also easy to move and manage. However, like other materials for furniture, veneer also has quite disadvantages which lie in materials used to build veneer. Less qualified combination used by companies, such as MDF, particleboard, and others, will make your veneer furniture is difficult and even harder to repair. [...]